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The Heart of Spiritual Warfare



The Study Guide rearranges the chronology of the book so as to lay the foundation and emphasis differently. It is not that the book should be ordered differently per se, but in studying it is better to approach it with more of a priority of establishing steps or blocks to build upon. The person who takes this book up may not necessarily be adequately prepared for the basis and presuppositions of the book, especially if they have not had any interaction with Theology, Biblical Theology or Hermeneutics. So the ordering of the Study Guide is more to facilitate a foundation and to add to some of the more subjective side questions as well as to better understand the objective ones which are answered from within the book. There is also additional commentary to flush out some concise sentences and thoughts to help further understanding. The following is a diagram from within the study guide of a summary of the four chapters of foundations.

Hopefully this guide will help to understand and appreciate more fully the underlying presuppositions and thought that comprises the book. May the Lord be pleased to facilitate a greater appreciation and due diligence to this all-important subject of Spiritual Warfare.

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