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The Heart of Spiritual Warfare

(2011 Authorhouse)

In the mind of this author the subject of Spiritual Warfare must become commonplace if unsuspecting souls are to avoid disaster. As of late, and at best, this subject is designated peripheral and perhaps trivial, and at worst it is hardly mentioned or dismissed altogether. This book presents a balanced and biblical view of this important topic with the thesis and conclusion that it deserves greater prominence in the life of every living soul. This is because there are other crucial teachings tied so intricately to what affects all people, such as that of faith, apostasy and perseverance. While one could argue that faith and apostasy are only matters for those who are religious, everyone recognizes the need to persevere through life. And people of biblical faith realize the call and need to endure so as to experience and attain LIFE in its fullest sense; abundant and eternal. The emphasis of this author and those who have gone before him see good cause to review the concept of Spiritual Warfare and consider carefully whether it belongs in one’s daily life in a practical way, and with the essentials of the Christian faith. Essentials of the Christian faith have always been recognized as beliefs that affect one’s salvation or eternal well-being.

The Bible, from beginning to end, addresses a people who must battle to receive a portion and inheritance promised by God. It is to those whom He calls to Himself and who show themselves to be His chosen people that the Bible designates `overcomers'. The Scripture breaks down the whole of the human race into two major groups of people variously defined. The seed of the woman are the chosen of God and the seed of the serpent; the children of the devil. The former are attacked by the latter and their only means of true spiritual defense is to trust the Lord and live out the will of God. This activity not only sifts and seals the destiny of those who do so and those who deny God in the respective categories previously stated, but this warfare also shapes and distinguishes those worthy of a heavenly inheritance and an everlasting reward. This author endeavors to show that Spiritual Warfare is intricately tied to the soul's eternal destiny and thus deserves greater ascendancy in biblical teaching. He claims this because of its practical influence towards integrity and eternal salvation or its neglect to hypocrisy and ultimately Hell's unending fire. Character matters and what one believes about eternity, spiritual battles and the devil's part in the world pertaining to those things is also important. Indeed, it is to those who believe this and are concerned about such crucial matters and essential beliefs who will find this book a biblical and sure guide.

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