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Peace in the Father's House

(2011 New Creation Publications)

This book is a compilation of various biblical subjects and themes that are intricately tied to the redemptive story or His-story of salvation. It begins where the Bible does and posits God’s shalom or peace at the outset of creation. It asserts that redemptive history in the Bible is in large part the recovery of the peace lost in paradise.

The chapters each deal with an aspect of the title of the book and following the theme of peace is the doctrine of God as Father. Subsequently is the chapter on the house or household in which the author moves to the new covenant reality of adoption and sonship in Christ. Finally the book concludes with an overview and the biblical example of the epistles of Peter as a fitting illustration of how the themes and doctrine are woven together by the apostle in such a way so as to show the thesis of how peace, God and His house/household tie together to tell the Gospel story.

The Gospel story needs to be told again and again and this book does precisely that in a theological yet simple way that helps illuminate the overarching narrative of the Bible. It helps to knit together important biblical concepts and plainly unfold how God saves and draws His people into the family or household of Him who is both Creator and Savior. It broaches the individual forgiveness of sin to the eschatological renewal of the cosmos. In short, it moves from creation to new creation and retells the Gospel of reconciliation in terms of the recovery of peace – God’s shalom.

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