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Aspects of the Gospel in the Former and Latter Prophets

(2011 New Creation Publications)

The Gospel or good news of salvation is a proclamation of the Kingdom of God and particularly the King’s coming. The prophets of the Old Testament bore witness of both the King and His Kingdom as fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ. This book of short summaries seeks to distill aspects of the Gospel that relate to Jesus Christ and His salvation regarding His work and Person. The whole of Scripture is to be read with Christ as the centerpiece. This means that the prophets of old often prophesied, or in their foretelling His coming, salvation and return was latent within their immediate forthtelling.

These prophets are defined in different terms. Some designate the larger writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah/Lamentations, Ezekiel and include Daniel as the ‘Major Prophets’ and Hosea through Malachi, otherwise known as the book of the 12, as the ‘Minor Prophets’. This is a classic English or Western designation but is not as helpful, as it implies the former are more important then the latter. The Hebrew Bible made the designation ‘Former’ and ‘Latter’ Prophets whereby Joshua, Judges, and the books of Samuel and Kings constitute the Former. The Latter encompass all of what are defined the so called ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ Prophets. This book is a compilation of articles written initially with the English or Western idea in mind but later incorporated the Hebrew Bible designation as Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings were completed.

The Old Testament comes alive when the prophetic seedbed is exposed as aspects of the Gospel. Seeing Christ in all the Scripture is not only helpful, it is the only way to read aright what God spoke through His messengers of old. Rich theological and interpretive elements are scattered through out and we hope this book helps to bring those to light.

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